Hello! My name is Jagoda Kondratiuk 
and I am UI/UX designer from Poland,
currently based in Amsterdam.

- 2020

I graduated from Graphic Design at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw, as well as Press, Editorial and Commercial Photography at the University of Warsaw and took one semester of Visual Communication at CEU San Pablo University in Madrid.

I love an avant-garde art, analog photography and minimalistic design. In my everyday work I try to combine a user-center design with current trends.

Currently I'm working with Vi.Amsterdam Studio, where I'm part of a multidisciplinary creative team and responsible for overall design and ideation related matters including: UI design, UX design, interaction design, problem solving, prototyping, photography and post-production. As a Vi.Amsterdam Studio we make really cool projects - check it out below!

I am also avaiable for freelance projects. Feel free to contact me

role project agency
UI | UX FELYX Vi.Amsterdam
Felyx project
UI | UX K&K Vi.Amsterdam
K&K project
UI | UX RON MANDOS Vi.Amsterdam
Mandos project
Fritz Gerald project
UI FMO Vi.Amsterdam
FMO project
UI | UX MARCOMMIT Vi.Amsterdam
Marcommit project
UI | UX EOTM Freelance
eotm project
UI | UX SIGHT&SOUND Vi.Amsterdam
Marcommit project
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