Hello! My name is Jagoda Kondratiuk. 
I am a digital designer,
currently based in Portugal,
working worldwide.

- 2022

I graduated from Graphic Design at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw and Press, Editorial and Commercial Photography at the University of Warsaw.

Currently I’m working as a freelance UI/UX designer.

My main focus is set on web & visual design. I am passionate about elegant simplicity and minimalism and use it as an inspiration in my projects. In my everyday work I try to combine a user-centered approach with timeless design that goes beyond trends.

type project agency
e-commerce NEOSEPHIRI Freelance
neosephiri project
app SIGHT&SOUND Vi.Amsterdam
Marcommit project
web STUDIO VI Vi.Amsterdam
FMO project
web RECHARGE Vi.Amsterdam
Recharge project
web RON MANDOS Vi.Amsterdam
Mandos project
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